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Meet The Team

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Koji Watanabe

Managing Director

Koji has been working for Nifco Inc. for more than 30 years, mostly at the international side to create new overseas subsidiaries and to control the business as one of headquarter functions.

He was relocated to Spain in March, 2017 to assume directorship as the company became an important part of European operations in the group.

He likes Spanish dishes as well as wonderful weather in Barcelona very much.

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Albert Lopez

Director & General Manager Operations

Albert started as ERP Software Consultant after completing his studies in Computing Engineering. He quickly started managing important international projects and he specialized in logistics for automotive industry, thus acquiring a broad experience in multiple projects in several companies in the sector.

He joined Nifco in 2011 as IT Manager and shortly assumed also Logistics, leading an important department transformation. After a period, he was appointed as Operations General Manager, combining currently this position with being the Director of Nifco Products Spain. When he is not in Nifco, Albert loves training for his great hobby: long-distance races.

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Mario Den Braber

CFO & General Manager Administration

After working in financial area in Holland, his native country, he started working as Director of Finance for Nifco Products España in 2002.

Gradually, he took on more responsibilities and in 2011 he was appointed Managing Director.

In recent years, together with the managing team, he has achieved an important increase in turnover and initiated an ambitious growth plan for the future.

Outside of the office, Mario likes playing sports and traveling to unknown places.

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Vicente Barcelona

General Manager Business Development

Vicente Barcelona started his professional career in Nifco Spain in 2004 as Key Account Manager, from 2011 he was appointed Sales Department Manager and since 1st of January 2018 he is in charge of Purchasing, Engineering and Sales departments as General Manager Business Development.

Together with the other departments he assures company’s economic growth in a sustainable way and in line with the values of Nifco’s Group and its Global strategy. Outside of the office, music and football are two of his passions, which he shares with family and friends.

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Pere Dalmau

Engineering Manager

Pere has over 20 years of experience in automotive industry in Product Engineering. He started his career in product design area, evolving from Product Engineer to Project Manager until nowadays as Engineering Manager. He had worked for various multinational companies before becoming a member of the manager team in Nifco. His career has given him a wide international knowledge, allowing him to have an open-minded vision addressing new working methods, which are essential in order to be able to meet challenges in this industry. He has a degree in MBA and he is an Industrial Engineer.

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Jordi Miranda

Process Manager

He started in the plastic industry during high school and lately in Acriplas S.A. University. He has over 30 years of experience in Plastic injection molding industry.

He worked for Acriplas S.A in all operations positions: Production, Planning, Purchase and Logistics for over 20 years. When Nifco acquired Acriplas in 2002, he was responsible of Production, Planning, Purchase and Logistic Departments until 2012.

Since 2012, he is responsible of a new department that was created in Nifco’s Process and Automotive Engineering in order to improve NSP’s productivity. This embraces four sections: Automotive, Process Engineering, Moulds and Maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that he and his team has won the Nifco Annual Gold Prize for automatizing grab handle assembly. Besides Plastic Industry, Jordi likes mountain sports like hiking on weekends, especially in Parc de sant Llorenç del Munt, and skiing in winter. Jordi has climbed main Spanish mountains.

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José Mª Pérez

Production Manager

He has a degree in Chemical Science from University of Barcelona, specialized in materials. He started as an associate teacher at UPC Technology Center, working in the injection process optimization and in new processes set-up. He joined Nifco in 2004 in production area. During his career at Nifco, he has always developed activities related to production: project start-up, planning, maintenance and process improvement. From 2013, he became Production Manager. Outside Nifco, his main hobbies are watching movies, reading and spending time with friends.

Read the biography of Carles

Carles Ramirez

Quality Manager

Carles has over 18 years experience in the automotive industry in the Quality Department.

He has been working as Quality Engineer, SQA, Customer Quality and as Quality Manager since 2005. He worked for Faurecia for 10 years (weld and assembly), Ricardo Prehn, Delmon Induestrie Group for 8 years (black rubber injection) and, since the beginning of September 2016, for NIFCO. His hobbies are every kind of sport. He played indoor football for many years, but nowadays he practices trail running and MTB.

Read the biography of Jordi

Jordi Camps

H.R. Manager

Jordi has developed his professional career as H.R. Manager in automotive industry for over 20 years, first working for a German company and now for Nifco. Graduated in Labour Law and Higher Degree in Safety and Health. He joined Nifco in 2001, when the Group acquires the factory in Spain. He understands his job as a way to support others and the company.

He loves office technology, even in his spare time. He would love to discuss any matter with you, but not sports.

When he is older, he will become a musician. His preferences range from J.S. Bach to B.B. King.

Read the biography of Sergi

Sergi Valle

Logistics Manager

Sergi, who joined Nifco at the end of 2017, has developed his career for over 20 years in logistics field, mostly in the highly demanding logistics for automotive industry. During his professional career he has acquired operational experience in all the different fields related to logistics (planning, procurement, warehousing, transports, purchasing), in different types of companies –size, supplier level, in-sequence deliveries (JIT-JIS), growing companies, etc. All this enabled him to acquire an overview of the flow of materials and information, which is essential in order to be able to serve as an efficient Head of Logistics. Regarding his studies, in addition to specific qualifications in logistics (Master in Supply Chain Management – MSCMT), he holds an Executive MBA. Sergi enjoys spending his time in all kinds of family activities.